Our Process

How do we work together?

Yeah, Great question. Working with a design services studio can be a bit guarded and confusing. Here is how we do this.

In the last ten years, we have worked with over 125 different brands, both large and small, and one thing remains true – pricing and delivery of design services can seem secretive and elusive. We want to ensure our ethos of empathy and action are apparent in how we begin to work together. While every project can have subtle differences, a majority of our projects take this shape:

Step 1

Pre-Project Phase


We believe a great project begins with empathic listening. We will truly hear you and the needs you have for your project. To us, this is the foundation for success.

Custom Proposal

Whether it's a full website project, a monthly design retainer, or an hourly project we will create a custom proposal for you.

You Choose

We move at your pace. If we look like the type of partner you are looking for we send you a very simple contract with all of the details and deliverables outlined. Once we get your signature and initial deposit (if included in the contract), we begin.

Step 2

Project Phase

Project Plan and Timeline

In our first project meeting, we will go over the entire project plan and timeline. If the project is not contingent upon a third parties timeline, we will plan and set all of the meeting dates for the entire project. We will lead you the entire way, and you will always know what is ahead and what is left.

Design Meetings

In the following meetings, we will likely present you multiple design options (the amount of options is dependent upon the project option level you selected) and those design options will lead our presentation meetings. We have no more than 3 rounds of revisions with each round refining down to the final product.

Final Design Selection

Once the final design or product has been selected, we get to work packaging it up to deliver to you, or if it is a digital product to begin the development stage.

Step 3

Delivery and Launch


We give you all the digital files developed in the project phase.


If your project includes a live deployment, we go through the launch together.

Step 4

Measure and Manage


Once a project is live, we can stay on and manage the application by providing analytics reporting and optimization suggestions.


A digital brand or product is a living thing. It needs to adapt to new technical updates and market shifts. This is where our retainer and maintenance services come in.