Blueprint Fit

Blueprint Fit was developed as a direct-to-consumer brand extension of the Blueprint for Athletes which was solely focused on professional sports teams and high-performance endurance athletes. In collaboration with our agency partners, we named, drafted, and designed the Blueprint Fit brand all within the restrictions and regulations of Quest Diagnostics.


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Consulting & Branding

As a direct-to-consumer brand extension of the Blueprint for Athletes brand, we worked with our agency partner, 16W Marketing, to develop a brand roll-out strategy. Together, we outlined the market opportunity and brand visual strategy before beginning any visual work.

It was very important that the brand be connected to Quest Diagnostics and Blueprint for Athletes, but be able to stand alone. Through a shared, yet softened, visual identity we successfully outlined the direction of the brand and were approved to launch the new brand.

In the design of the Blueprint Fit brand build, we were asked to make sure the brand extension style could incorporate a wide variety of other blueprint brand extensions.

Our Partners

From 2017-2020, We partnered with the Quest Diagnostic team and our two agency partners 16W Marketing and Sidebar Development to bring the Blueprint Fit directly to the consumer through an innovative website and results delivery application.

Agency Partners

16W Marketing (Marketing)
Sidebar Development (Website Development)