Blueprint for Athletes

Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, launched an internally directed brand called Blueprint for Athletes. The program was focused on two audiences, professional sports teams, and high-performance endurance athletes.


Consulting & Branding
Art Direction & Photography
Social Media Design
Email & Display Ads

Consulting & Branding

We partnered with the Blueprint for Athletes team in 2016. At that point, the logo design had been established, but the brand needed to expand and grow. Along with our agency partners, 16W, we worked with the internal Quest team to build a team and visually take the brand to the next level.

Art Direction & Photography

As part of the brand extension, we art directed three photoshoots in Boulder, Hoboken, and Austin. All three shoots were focused on elite athletes in distance training, boxing, or cross-fit training.

Social Media

As the most visible daily expression of the brand voice, we maintained and updated the social media designs across all of their social platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We created over 400+ organic and paid social graphics. As a unique hurdle, all of our graphics had to be vetted and approved by the Quest legal team. Therefore, requiring a longer than average lead time, and a very creative balance of pushing the brand as far as we were approved to go.

Examples of some of the 400+ social graphics created for the brand.
Brand themed social media thumbnail and header images that changed throughout the year.

Email & Display Ads

As an integral part of the lead generation strategy, we designed hundreds of digital display ads and email designs. All of the creative produced were A/B and user-tested and required to pass the Quest legal review.


Webinars were the main lead generation tool for the professional team side of the business. We designed the integrated webinar presentation, supportive emails, LinkedIn ads, and all display and social media designs.

YouTube thumbnail and presentation images.

Sample pages from inside the webinar presentations.

Charity Miles Mobile Campaign

As a partnership campaign, Blueprint for Athletes and Charity Miles, an app that supports charities with brand partnerships, joined together for an incredibly successful brand awareness campaign. We designed all of the in-app graphics and all supporting email and social media designs.


Over the years we worked with Blueprint, there were a couple of versions of the website design. The last version was a single page hyper-focused page design and developed to funnel all of the audiences into a conversion channel.

Print Design

The core of the Blueprint for Athletes product was the personalized blood testing results. We designed the full layout and customization of the printed results. We also designed the brand packaging for the at-home hormones blood testing kit.

Our Partners

From 2016-2020, We partnered with the Quest Diagnostic team and our two agency partners 16W Marketing and Sidebar Development to make Blueprint for Athletes the most comprehensive professionals sports team blood diagnostic testing platform.

Agency Partners

16W Marketing (Marketing)
Sidebar Development (Website Development)